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re: Resources


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re: UI & Macros

UI & Macros

Your UI Setup
For the most part, your user interface is mostly preference. You just want to make sure that you have a good setup for healing on the move. If your UI is too cluttered you probably won't be able to even see the raid to heal, much less the purple bad you are standing in.

You need some kind of raid frames. Grid, Vuhdo, Healbot, and Shadowed are all in use currently. You can find all of them at typical addon sites. Choosing between them is up to you. Whichever you use, you want to have it set up to show you at least the following:
*-Each raid member's HP (including pets)
*-Which of your HoT's are on which targets (particularly Rejuvenation)
*-Their durations
*-Which raid members are in range
*-Which targets are Swiftmendable
*-Debuffs you can remove (Curses/Poisons/possibly Magic)
*-Customizable debuffs for important boss abilities
*-Which players are being targeted by mobs
*-Which players have incoming heals from other healers
*-Notifications for when a player is resurrected, offline, or has the *-Spirit of Redemption buff (all important to make sure you use Rebirths wisely).

Reccomended Addons:
*-Clique: Clique is a simple addon that enables powerful click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames and in the 3D game world.
*-ForteXorcist: A useful raid tool that includes cooldown timers, spell timers, and even raid warnings.


All-in-one Rez and Annouce:
Description: If you are in combat, it will use your Rebirth spell. Otherwise it will use Revive and announce to raid that you are rezzing them.
Code: Select all

/use [nocombat] Revive
/stopmacro [nocombat]
/use Rebirth
/ra Rebirth on %t

Smart Shift
Description: Will put you in the proper form for traveling! Replace "Ground Mount" with your favorite mount.
Code: Select all

/cancelform [nostance:0,mod:shift]
/stopmacro [mod:shift]
/cast [swimming] !Aquatic Form; [indoors] !Cat Form; [combat][mod:CTRL] !Travel Form; [flyable] !Swift Flight Form; Ground Mount
/dismount [mounted]

Description: This will shapeshift to Cat Form (if not already) and then use Dash.
Code: Select all

#Showtooltip Dash(Cat Form)
/cast [nostance:3] Cat Form(Shapeshift); Dash(Cat Form)

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re: Rotation & Cooldowns

Rotation & Cooldowns

Flask: [Flask of the Draconic Mind] or Cauldron is available.
Food: [Severed Sagefish Head] or [Seafood Magnifique Feast] if available.
Potion: [Mythical Mana Potion] is useful for extra mana during fights. Only use [Potion of Concentration] if you can time it properly. For extra throughput, [Volcanic Potion] can be used right before the tank pulls for bonus mana. It can also be used with Innervate for a boost in mana during a fight.

There is no true rotation for healers because each situation requires a different approach.

Timing is everything: When you send a spell command to the server, if your character is unable to cast immediately (typically because it's still casting or GCD-locked from your last spell), the server will see if you become ready to cast within a certain short window. If you do, it will begin the cast immediately. You can set the length of this window with an interface option called "Custom Latency Tolerance." You want to set this value to a high enough amount that you can always press the next spell key comfortably before the current spell finishes, and never have a gap between casts. But you don't want to set it too high, because you can't change your mind after you queue a spell, so your reaction time is effectively slower if you "lock in" each spell a long time before it begins casting. Experiment and find something you're comfortable with.

*-Rejuvenation: Strong heal for any situation. Used to setup Swiftmend.
*-Lifebloom: Maintain full stack on tanks. Refresh with direct heals.
*-Nourish: Use on targets taking little to moderate damage.
*-Healing Touch: Use on targets taking a lot of damage.
*-Regrowth: Emergency heal to save players facing death.
*-Swiftmend: Powerful group heal with Effloresence.
*-Harmony: Maintain this buff at all times by casting a direct heal every 10 sec.
*-Wild Growth: This remains an excellent spell all-around. It will automatically target the 5/6 lowest-HP people within range (not necessarily including the target). Because the radius is now so high (30y), you can often just cast it on anybody and get a good result. Make sure to cast it anytime an AoE effect hits some people in the raid. In heavy damage situations you'll use Wild Growth on cooldown. Even though it is expensive, it does more than enough healing to be worth it. Wild Growth is unusual in that in can be targeted on a hostile unit and will still apply to the lowest-HP raid members in range of that unit.
*-Efflorescence: I'm listing this separately from Swiftmend because you tend to think of it differently. If your Swiftmend is off cooldown and you see a clump of people below full HP, quickly Swiftmend any one of them. Clumps of people are not easy to recognize, but raid frames are starting to add tools to help with this. Becoming familiar with fights to know which AoE effects are ripe for Efflorescence can help a lot.
*-Clearcasting: Not a spell, but deserves an entry. The 4.2 patch has made Clearcasting easier to manage--it now lasts 15 seconds and can only apply to the expensive spells Regrowth and Healing Touch, so it's difficult to waste. When Clearcasting procs, you simply have to make sure to cast either a Healing Touch or a Regrowth in the next few seconds. A Healing Touch should generally be your first thought--it is both longer cast and more healing than Regrowth, generally making more effective use of the Clearcast. The tank is a good target; and HT on him for a free heal and LB/Harmony refresh is never a bad option. If, however, people in the raid are in need of a quick heal, a Clearcast is a good chance to throw a Regrowth on them as well.
In particular, if you want to use a Swiftmend or Efflorescence on a raid member soon, a great use of a Clearcast is to set up that Swiftmend with a Regrowth. This way you avoid paying for an expensive Rejuvenation
*-Tree of Life Form: In addition to the 15% healing bonus, this has a few effects on our healing spells:
Lifebloom: now castable on any number of targets. This is handy since Lifebloom does moderate healing and is very cheap. In a fight where you don't need Tree for other purposes, shifting to cast primarily Lifebloom for 30 seconds lets you use ToL as a very good mana cooldown.
Regrowth: now instant cast. Not a throughput gain since Regrowth is a 1.5 cast anyway, but this allows use while moving and also gives you much quicker reactive healing. Because of all the Lifeblooms you use during Tree of Life, you get a lot of Clearcasting procs from Malfurion's Gift, and can turn each one into a free instant Regrowth. The Regrowths even refresh the Lifeblooms.
If many people in the raid need healing quickly, shifting to cast instant Regrowths can help hit people who need the most healing immediately. Be careful though, as this can be expensive. Still use a good amount of Lifebloom when people aren't in danger of death.
Wild Growth: now targets 2 extra people. Simply makes WG slightly better to use even than it ordinarily is.
Efflorescence gets a double benefit from the 15% Tree boost (since the underlying Swiftmend was already boosted). Again, simply makes a good spell even more effective during Tree.
*-Tranquility: This spell is very strong now, and outputs massive amounts of healing during its channeling time. Due to the new smart targeting mechanics, it's basically self-working. Can easily save people from dying if you mash it quickly when the raid takes a lot of damage. You can now use it 2-3 times per fight, so depending on the encounter, you might use it reactively when the raid is at low HP, or you might plan its use around certain boss abilities. The spell is now immune to pushback, so you no longer have to protect it with Barkskin.
*-Innervate: In general, you will now cast this on yourself on cooldown. Use the first one in any encounter after you dip slightly below 80% mana, and then on cooldown after that. Innervate is now extremely weak when cast on targets other than yourself, and this is rarely going to be worth doing (in the event that you are going to cast it on someone else, remember to install a Glyph of Innervate).
*-Barkskin: Remember that this doesn't use the GCD, so you can cast it almost anytime without disrupting your healing. It should be on an easily-accessible bind, and you should make it second nature to hit this instantly when you foresee a threatening amount of damage coming.

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re: Gear & Stats

Gear & Stats


Intellect > Haste (2005 Cap) > Mastery => Spirit > Crit

*-Intellect: Provides mana, spellpower, and crit for your spells.
*-Spellpower: Increases healing and damage output.
*-Haste: Reduces cast time and GCD.
*-Mastery: 143.42 mastery rating adds 1% to our Harmony bonus. This is essentially a flat bonus to all healing (albeit an additive bonus, so slightly weaker than it looks). Aside from haste breakpoints, mastery is the secondary stat giving the best throughput increase.
*-Crit: 179.28 crit rating gives 1% to crit.
*-Spirit: Mana regen.

Haste Breakpoints
916: 5th tick of Rejuvenation. You should have this in any raid gearset.
1573: 9th tick of Wild Growth and Effloresence with Dark Intent. If you have DI, you only have to make it to here instead of 2005 to get this nice bonus.
1602: 5th tick of Rejuvenation without 5% haste. If you're missing the haste buff, you really want to be at this point or higher.
1779: 6th tick of Rejuvenation with Nature's Grace.
2005: 9th tick of Wild Growth and Efflorescence. This point is very valuable, as these two spells make up a large portion of our healing.
2032: 6th tick of Rejuvenation with Shard of Woe proc active. If you have a Shard, this is only a small leap from 2005 and makes your trinket use much more effective.
2490: 7th tick of Rejuvenation with Nature's Grace and Shard of Woe active.
3106: 11th tick of Wild Growth/Efflorescence with Nature's Grace.
3478: 6th tick of Rejuvenation with Dark Intent.
3754: 10th tick of Wild Growth/Efflorescence.
3967: 6th tick of Rejuvenation.

Stat Priority and Reforging
*- Be aware of the Haste breakpoints listed above, if it's not getting you extra HoT ticks, haste is your weakest stat since it doesn't benefit Rejuv and increases your mana consumption.
*-If you are having Mana issues during encounters, it's critical that you gain more Spirit on your gear. On any gear without Spirit, reforge the weakest stat (see stat priority) into Spirit.
*-If you are not having issues with Mana during encounters, you should reforge for more healing-output. On any gear without Mastery or Crit, reforge the weakest stat (see stat priority) into Mastery (first priority) or Crit.

Gems & Enchants

Meta: [Burning Shadowspirit Diamond]
Red: [Brilliant Inferno Ruby] use this in every slot, unless the socket bonus will grant you 20+ Int per slot.
Blue: [Purified Demonseye]
Yellow: [Reckless Ember Topaz] or [Artful Ember Topaz]

Head: [Arcanum of Hyjal] +60 Int/35 crit
Shoulder: [Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone] +50 Int/25 haste
Back: [Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect] +50 Int
Chest: [Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats] +20 Stats
Bracer: [Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect] +50 Int
Gloves: [Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery] +65 Mastery
Belt: [Ebonsteel Belt Buckle] Bonus Gem Slot
Pants: [Powerful Ghostly Spellthread] +95 Int/55 Spirit
Boots: [Enchant Boots - Lavawalker] +35 Mastery/run spd
Weapon: [Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent] +500 Int Proc
Offhand: [Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect] +40 Int


Aside from a few unusual ones, most professions provide roughly equal gains:
Alchemy: Mixology (with your [Flask of the Draconic Mind] ) will give you 80 Intellect. Alchemy also allows you to use [Mysterious Potion] , which gives a bit of HP, although the mana return is more uncertain. Alchemy also gives access to [Vibrant Alchemist Stone] , currently the only trinket with both Int and haste.
Leatherworking: 130 Int to bracers in place of the usual 50 Int, for 80 Int.
Blacksmithing is similar. An extra socket each in your wrists and gloves, each with a [Brilliant Inferno Ruby] , gives 80 Intellect.
Enchanting: 40 Int to each ring gives 80 Intellect.
Inscription: 130 Int/25 haste to shoulders in place of the Therazane enchant gives 80 Intellect.
Jewelcrafting: 3 [Brilliant Chimera's Eye] in place of 3 [Brilliant Inferno Ruby] gives 81 Intellect.Note: Once you gain access to a lot of 4.3 epic gems, Jewelcrafting will grow weaker, down to a minimum of 51 Intellect. This is likely a while away, but I wouldn't swap to Jewelcrafting now if you're considering it.

Engineering is unusual. Synapse Springs give an average value of 80 Int, equal to most of the professions below. But temporary Int buffs during the fight don't increase your total usable mana pool the way that 80 passive Int does. On the other hand, you can recover this difference by timing your Innervates during the Synapse uses and actually get more mana than from other professions.
A macro similar to the one given above for trinkets can be used for glove tinkers--the glove slot is number 10.

Tailoring gives slightly more Int than other professions, but it comes in the form of a proc. Lightweave Embroidery gives 580 Int for 15 seconds, 20% proc on spellcast, 60 second cooldown. The average benefit is around 140 Int, minus the 50 Int you usually have on your cloak, for an increase of around 90 Int. The result is similar to Engineering, but with the drawback that you can't control the proc to easily time it with Innervate.

The remaining professions are weaker:
Herbalism now gives a haste cooldown via Lifeblood. At 480 haste for 20s every 2 minutes, it averages out to 80 haste.
Skinning gives 80 crit rating.
Mining provides minor survivability benefits, but no healing gain.

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re: Talents, Glyphs, and Races

Talents, Glyphs, and Races

Talent Build

Talent Calculator
This is the most popular raiding build as it grabs Genesis for HoT output boosts and Perserverance for reduced spell damage taken to help with raid encounters.

Talent Calculator2
Advanced build, assumes you have a decent amount of haste and have no issues with mana.

*-Nature's Cure: you can put the final free point here, but if you mainly do 25-mans, very few encounters have magic dispel requirements. It could be something to ask your healing team about.
*-Living Seed: This is no longer required for Efflorescence, and still a very weak talent. You may want it if you're doing some significant tank healing.
*-Nature's Bounty: Similarly, this generally a weak talent, but you may want it if you're using Regrowth heavily. The new Nourish effect is not that impressive. For either Living Seed or Nature's Bounty, you'd probably have to move points out of Perseverance.
*-Furor vs. Genesis: On paper, the extra mana tends to look a bit stronger, but if you often find yourself finishing encounters with mana to spare, you might get more value out of Genesis.
*-Nature's Swiftness: You may find that you rarely have use for this talent (especially if in a 25man). Instead you can put this point toward bonus healing talents like Blessing of the Grove and Genesis.

Talent Breakdown:
*-Omen of Clarity: Does not proc from healing spells (Clearcasting can only be procced by Malfurion's Gift). Among healing spells, Clearcasting is only consumed by Healing Touch and Regrowth. A proc once again lasts 15 seconds.
*-Efflorescence: Because it's based of the size of the underlying Swiftmend, it double-dips from some buffs, like Master Shapeshifter, Tree of Life, and Harmony. It benefits from crit because Swiftmend does, but the individual ticks do not crit.
*-Wild Growth: The base heal decays with each tick, but all extra healing from spellpower is equal across the ticks.
*-Moonglow: Mana cost is rounded down after multiplying. Applies after [Shard of Woe]-type effects.
*-Mark of the Wild: does not stack with Blessing of Kings.
The following all stack additively: Gift of Nature, Improved Rejuvenation, Blessing of the Grove, Genesis, Empowered Touch, Glyph of Rejuvenation, and Harmony. Tree of Life and Master Shapeshifter stack multiplicatively.


Prime Glyphs
[Glyph of Rejuvenation] : Required
[Glyph of Lifebloom] : Required
[Glyph of Swiftmend] : Required
These choices are a bit obvious as the options are pretty weak and practically pointless.

Major Glyphs
[Glyph of Rebirth] : Required; Only obvious selection here.
[Glyph of Innervate] : Optional; Innervate was nerfed in patch 4.2, but you may still find this glyph useful if you raid with a member who ooms a lot.
[Glyph of Wild Growth] : Optional; Only useful if healing 25mans were a 6th target is more necessary.
[Glyph of Healing Touch] : Optional; Only useful if you took the Nature's Swiftness talent.

Minor Glyphs
All of these are really optional, but these two are the only ones that effect combat.
[Glyph of Mark of the Wild]
[Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth]


Horde: Troll is best, since it gives Berserking. Tauren gives no healing benefit.
Alliance: Worgen is best, since it gives 1% crit (Darkflight is also a nice perk). Night Elf gives no healing benefit.
Both are minor differences.

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re: 4.3 Resto PvE Druid Guide (WIP)

Resto PvE Druid Guide

Up to date as of: 4.3

All of the internet you can find many different guides on Resto druid healing. However, not all of them cover every play style. This guide seeks to provide you with the most up to date information for druid healing all in one place for all walks of life. Feel free to comment or ask questions below.

Table of Contents
Talents, Glyphs, and Races
Gear & Stats
Rotations & Cooldowns
UI & Macros

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